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Best Places To Eat In Kalives Beach Crete

OK, so here is a list that I think you will be interested in. Today I want to share my suggestions on where to find the best food in Kalyves beach in Crete. I will share with you, where you can find the most mouthwatering Gyros, where to get the best pizza, and I will also share with you where you can have the best seafood.

And as a treat, I will share a sweet secret, I will share with you, where to go for dessert, so relax as we take a look at this list of the best places to eat in Kalives Beach Crete.

Where To Eat The Best Seafood In Kalives Beach


So let’s start with seafood, of course, most restaurants will serve seafood but based on my experience, Elena Taverna is the best seafood restaurant in Kalives beach. it’s actually a fish restaurant and they serve the most delicious seafood dishes, my favorite at Elena is their fried Anchovies.

I usually order one plate of fried Anchovies or small fish as they call them. And I have enough to eat and also some to take home in a paketo, for next day I love it 🙂


The next place to have great seafood in Kalives Beach Is Mistrali Taverna, this taverna is a part of Mistrali Hotel and they serve delicious fish dishes. The great thing about the seafood at Kalyves beach, is that it’s served at it’s freshest state, since kalives is a fishing village so the fishermen, drop off their best catch of the day at the restaurants.

And that is what ensures that you are getting the freshest most delicious seafood. whether it’s calamari, prawns, crabs, sardines, or any other type of fish, you are getting it super fresh.

Where To Have The Best Pizza In Kalives Beach

When it comes to Pizzas there are two places that serve the best pizzas in this region, the number one Pizza place in Kalives Simon’s they have the best pizzas and their prices are reasonable.

The next place to have pizza in Kalives is Ilforno, this is a taverna that uses wood oven to bake their pizza which gives the pizza an authentic pizza taste and texture.

The Best Gyros Place In Kalives Beach


I have mentioned this in my previous article about food prices. The best place to have Gyros is Souvlakerie delicious Gyros, and very friendly people who value their customers and are actually showing interest when they speak to you. also, the prices are super reasonable.

And Simon’s which I mentioned earlier for pizzas, they also serve really good Gyros as well, and next to Simon is the Mitsos which is another great place to have Gyros.

Where To Have The Best Beef Stifado In Crete

where to eat in Kalives Beach Crete.

I swear this is the best beef Stifado I have ever had, apart from my own recipe, of course, lol, if you want to have the best Beef stifado, you need to be at a taverna called Mythos in Kalives. I have had beef Stifado in different places but the one in Mithose is hands down the best beef stifado, and we have a friend who is a beef Stifado Expert and he agrees with me.

Mithos is located just behind Simon’s on the seafront, it’s a very nice place with amazing view of the Souda bay, and you can watch the sunset, and as you are having your evening meal you can watch cruise ships and the ferry as it leaves for Athens, plus you can watch the planes coming to land and the ones that have taken off, it’s super amazing.

The Best Meze Place In Kalives Beach Is Stella’s Meze Bar


Located at the square opposite the big Church in Kalives, and just across from Simon’s, Stella’s Meze bar is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a drink and a platter of fresh vegetables with the finest of cold meats and Cretan sausages. you can just relax and watch as the locals and tourists go about their business.

And Finally, where to have the best Cocktails and Deserts

if you want to have a dessert after your meal, I would suggest you visit Arena snack Bar, and I suggest you try their waffles, we’ve been there with some friends and we ordered waffles with Ice-cream and all kinds of toppings, it was amazingly yummy. They also make the best cocktails in town.

And since we are talking about cocktails, it’s worth mentioning that Mistarali beach bar also serves some really cool cocktails, Another really cool place to have a cocktail is the GK Beach Hotel and Restaurant. They have a nice beach bar where you can relax, and enjoy a glass of cocktail while you watch the world go by.

Where To Go For Authentic Greek Cousine In Kalives Beach Koumos Restaurant


Koumos is a unique place. You go there not only for good food but for the experience, the restaurant was built brick by brick by the owner and he has an exhibition where he displays Cretan artifacts. So not only are you going to enjoy delicious and authentic Cretan cuisine, you are also going to learn a thing or two about the island.

Even locals like us, still find Koumos fascinating, and we are always excited to visit and have a meal there, especially in the evenings. The restaurant is located about 15 minutes walking distance from the beach, it’s behind the Synka supermarket. The walk is uphill so if you would rather drive then it’s wise to do so.


Kalyves beach is a place that you must visit if you are on this side of the island, there are so many great places to eat, and the food is super amazing. You will find places where the authentic traditional Cretan cuisine has not been compromised by the modern way of cooking.

The vegetables are sourced locally, and the recipes are passed down from one generation to the next, making the food taste just like its deed when the YiaYia ( grandmother) of the family made it. The hospitality is of course at the highest standard here in Crete and, sometimes you go to a taverna for a meal and you don’t want to leave.

You feel like you are a part of a big family.

I hope you have enjoyed my post, if so then leave me a comment below, and share your thoughts.

Thank you for your time


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