Crete Celebrates Easter Under Lockdown

This is going to be a very different and difficult Easter for the Greeks. Easter is the most celebrated holiday on the Greek Orthodox calendar, you can say it’s even bigger than Christmas.

Easter time is time to gather with friends and family and have BBQs and enjoy the holiday, The weather this year is also very pleasant which makes it even harder for the Greek people. They have to remain in the house and celebrate each person at their own house with the closest relatives that live in the same house(well, that’s how it should be)

The Easter Celebrations are usually in full force on Easter Sunday. But this year is going to be different, the fine for breaking the lockdown rules during Easter has been increased to 300 Euros, that’s about $325. The Police are going to make sure that the rules are observed during the Easter Season.

So Far It’s Expected That The Lock-Down Will Be Lifted By 27th Of April

The lockdown in Greece is expected to continue until 27th of April although there is a chance it could be extended to May, some European Countries have extended the quarantine period to mid-May.


In my opinion, the Greek government has done very well in combating the spread of the Corona Virus. They acted very quickly and they took measures to ensure that the spread of COVID19 is to the absolute minimum. Now, if people had taken the first quarantine seriously, I think Greece would have done even better.

So far we have 2100 confirmed cases and 102 have lost their lives. If we can continue to follow the rules, I think We can avoid more cases. Of course, this does not mean that everybody is following the rules.

According to The, there have been hundreds of lock down violations in the last couple of days. There are some business owners who had opened their business despite the ban. Here in Crete, there were 120 violators.

Ekathimerini continues to report that since the start of the lock down Police have arrested over 17.3k people for violations countrywide.

It makes you wonder, do people watch the news? I mean seeing how this virus has affected countries like Italy, Spain, and now the US, how can people choose not to follow the rules? This virus is serious and its killing people in large numbers and very quickly too.

It Depends On How Well People Follow The Rules


According to the Greek authorities, things getting back to normal will depend on how well people comply with the curfew rules, the more rules we break, the longer we will stay indoors. But if we follow the rules then new cases of corona virus will decrease which means we can start opening business slowly.

Countries like Denmark which took the rules seriously have now started opening businesses slowly, this week some schools were opened, and by next week they will start opening some businesses. So by following the rules we will be benefiting ourselves and saving lives too.

Anyway, it’s my hope and prayer that people will behave themselves during this Easter season, the last thing we need is an increment in new cases of COVID-19 due to Easter celebrations, I mean there will be lots of tears after people break the rules, that is for sure.

We need to stay away from our elderly, we need to wash our hands, and we need to stop going out unless its necessary and make sure to send your request via SMS to 13033, so you can have your permission to go out, otherwise you are facing a fine of up to 300 Euros.

Yes Easter In Crete Is Different This Year As It Is All Over The World


Sure this Easter is different, but there is next year, and hopefully, we can celebrate Easter like we always do then, but for now, menume spiti, lets stay home.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to give an update on what is happening here in Crete, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the medical staff who are working hard day and night to treat those who have tested positive for the Corona virus.

Some have been hospitalized already, with symptoms, some severe and some mild.

In my opinion, medical practitioners are heroes, all over the world, they are putting their own lives in danger to save lives. Many doctors and nurses have died of COVID-19 related complications after contracting the virus from their patients.

Yet their colleagues continued to show up to work day and night knowing very well that their lives are at risk. I recently watched a video that broke my heart, the video was posted by a 28-year-old nurse who said that she had just completed her last Will and testament because she knows that she is not going to live long.

The Next Time You Feel The Need To Break The Rules, I Want You To Think About That Young Nurse


She said that she was working under very dangerous conditions with no proper gear to protect herself from contracting COVID-19. She said she was taking care of people who were in critical condition due to Corona Virus, and she knew it was just a matter of time because she had also lost some of her colleagues one after the other.

The video was really heartbreaking. So if you are out there and thinking of breaking the curfew rules, think about that young woman writing her will because she did not think she had much time left on this earth, think about that.


The out break of Corona Virus, has changed a lot of things in the whole world. it has brought out the best in humanity, but in some cases it has also brought out the worst in people. Some people have exhibited selfishness, and just pure arrogance, and total disregard for fellow human beings.

At the same time you have people who are risking their own lives day in and day out, just to save lives, or to spend time with people who are in their last moments on this earth just to make sure they don’t die alone. I did read about one nurse who had to stay with an old lady who had told her that she did not want to die in a hospital room alone.

Well, I will leave it there for now. I sure hope I have convinced you to stay home.

Thank you for your time.


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2 comments on “Crete Celebrates Easter Under Lockdown

  1. Dear Rose,
    I came upon your website when looking for information re COVID-19.
    I’m located in Germany but have many friends both Cretan and others who live on
    the island so visit regularly.
    I will look at your site often to get updated info.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hello, Ken, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, You can definitely count on for all the updates on what is happening on the island of Crete and even Greece at large. Thank you for reading and hope you are safe during this global crisis, hope things will get back to normal soon.


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