Fun Activities For Expats Living In Crete


If you are moving to Crete, you need to find out what kind of activities you can take part in as an expat living in Crete. In the winter months, you might find it lonely and that is why you need to connect with your fellow expats and get involved in fun activities like walking, bowling, or other activities.

In this article I will share with you very useful information, I will also share links to websites that can further help you make the transition. When you first move to a place where you don’t know anyone, it can get challenging and you might not even know where to start.

How To Connect With The Large Expat Population Living In Crete

Crete being the largest of all Greek Islands has a very large population of expats from all over Europe and even other parts of the world. Some move here for work and others move to Crete for retirement especially those from the cold parts of Europe, they choose to retire in a warm place like Crete.

They’re also those who spend their summers here so they own holiday homes in Crete.


One website that has become very helpful to expats living in Crete is the living in Crete. net, there you can find anything from the latest Cretan news to expat organizations near you. There is also a forum that you can join and connect with other ex-pats, you can also post questions, and the members will share their answers with you.

I joined living in back in 2016 and it has been a great source of information for me. I am going to share with you a link of a page that I think could be very helpful to you, it’s a page that shares information about activities of ex-pats living in different parts of Crete.

Where To Find Information About Expat Communities and activities In Crete

Like Rethymno, Kisamos and Agio Nikolaus, on the page you will find links to different groups and the kinds of activities that they are involved in like social gatherings, games and charity work. Click Here to learn more

If you live in Apokoronals area, then you will be very interested in getting a monthly E-newspaper called avrio, it’s in English and it gives you all the information you need, all you have to do is contact the author and give your email address and she will add you to her records so you can receive the E-newspaper.


This will ensure that you are up to date with local news, you can also read the Chania post, which is also in English. On Chania Post, you will be able to catch up with current affairs and you will also find some really funny stories. I love checking the news in the morning while having my morning tea, and I am so happy to read the news about Crete and Greece at large in English. Because when you don’t speak or read Greek, you could be very confused especially when it comes to holidays because you will be making plans just to find out that everything is closed.

So by getting the local news, you will know when shops and banks are closed, and you can make plans accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier about people who live in Apokoronos area, you can get your local news and upcoming events announcements by contacting the author of Avrio on this email address

Santa Run In Chania, It’s Just Fun


If you are in Crete and in the Chania area around Christmas time, then I have just the thing for you. Each year on the 26th of December there is a very big event that takes place, it’s called the Santa Run, it’s a charity run/ walk that helps support different institutions that help children with various medical conditions. It’s also the biggest party, there is music, and everyone is dressed accordingly, I have never seen so many Santa clauses in one place in my entire life.

Me and some friends at Santa Run In Chania

This is a great idea to get some workout after all the Christmas goodies the walk usually starts at around 1 PM and goes on until evening, and it ends with a shower of fireworks that light up the Chania evening sky. The best way to prepare for the Santa Run is to carry some refreshments and dress warmly because it’s cold this time of the year.

You will buy a Santa wear set just outside the big market in Chania, you will see the kiosk where people will be dressed in Santa Clause suits. The suit comes with a Santa hat, and a beard, the cost is 15 euros, not sure if it will remain that way or it will go up in the coming year, but so far the last two years it’s been 15 Euros.

Find more info about Santa Run Here

More Fun Activities In Crete, Carnival Time, It’s Time To Dress Up And Be Whoever Or Whatever You Wish To Be

Photo By Rose

And then in February, it’s time for Carnival, this is another big party where people get to dress up and dance and eat, the streets are lined up with people and food, from loukoumades to BBQ-ed meat, beer, raki ( Skoudia) and candies and balloons, it’s just fun.

Each town has it’s own carnival date so you have to check your local listing, In 2020 Carnival is expected between the 9th of February to 1st of March 2020. The carnival is a celebration just before the lent period where the fasting period starts in preparation for Easter. During the lent period The Greek Orthodox Christians don’t eat meat and they also refrain from many other things.

Photo By Rose

The Carnival is the place for people to dress up in costumes and both children and adults enjoy this day and you can see all kinds of Characters, and creatures. From kings and queens to witches, saints, angels to demons, lizards, you name it, you will see it at the carnival. Basically the streets are transformed into big party zones, lots of dancing and all kinds of activities.

If you intend to participate in festivities, I suggest you get yourself a costume, be creative and get in the carnival mood. you can also go just dressed up normally but, hey this is your chance to be that superhero you always wanted to be lol 🙂


Moving to Crete Permenately can be lots of fun especially if you know how to mingle. But finding out where everybody is especially in the winter months can be challenging. and that is why you need to connect with other people so you can have lots of fun even in the winter.

We all know that summertime Crete and Greece is full of activities and lots of things to do and places to see, but in the winter all the holidaymakers are gone and all the people who own summer houses are gone too. so it’s up to the permanent residents of Crete and Greece at large, to stick together, and have lots of fun.

In this article, I believe that I have shared lots of helpful information but if you still have questions, please feel free to leave your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for your time.


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