Greece Lockdown, How To Apply For Permit Via SMS

Greece has announced total lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Now you are not allowed to go out unless you have valid reasons to be out. Like going grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy, or going to work. You need permission to go out and you need to apply through the official Greek website on this article, I want to share with you how to apply for permit via SMS that you send to 13033

Now the problem is that the website is in Greek and if you don’t speak Greek you will not be able to fill out the form, well, you might not even be able to find the form. But not to worry, there is an easy way to apply. You can apply by SMS message, You need to send the message to 13033.

So Here Is What You Need To Do To Apply For The Permit By SMS, You Have 6 Options

1 Visiting a doctor or going to the pharmacy

2 Grocery shopping


3 Bank, but only for services that are not offered online

4 To go help care for someone in need

5 wedding, baptism, or wedding but only if it will not be a big gathering

6 work out or working the dog as long as you are not more than two people.

Get on your phone, go to messages and compose a message, start by choosing the activity you need permission for. For example Let’s say you want to go grocery shopping chose 2 then write your full name, followed by your residential address. Then send it to 13033.

You should be able to get a confirmation which you will show to the authorities when they ask you where you are going or where you are from. Failure to obtain this authorization could cost you a fine of up to 160 euros.

If you are looking to apply for the permit for going to work, it’s better to fill out the form found at the, because the one you get by SMS is only valid for that day when you intend to go out. So for going to work you need to apply through the website.

Police Checks, Including Helicopter And Drones Will, Be Used, To Make Sure People Follow The Rules


There will be police checks everywhere including Highways, and streets, In Athens, and Thessaloniki, the police are using helicopters and drones to make sure that everyone is remaining at home. The visit to playgrounds and parks are prohibited and anyone found in these areas will have to face the consequences.

Anyone found traveling for leisure will be fined, you must have the official permission indicating the purpose of your movements, and you must have your identification with you for example passport or other forms of identification documents.

These measures don’t affect individuals who are returning to their permanent residency, You are free to get back to your home but once there, you must apply for the movement permit every time you need to go out. But the government officials, members of the armed forces, and health workers are not affected by these measures.

Addressing the nation via a live update on television, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the country that all unnecessary movements will be restricted from 6 AM Monday, March 23rd The lockdown will remain in place until April 6th, 2020.

Greek Authorities Are Doing Everything Possible To Combat The Spread Of The Corona Virus

So far there are 624 coronavirus cases confirmed with 17 people succumbing to complications as a result of contracting this terrible virus. I sure hope the measures put in place will help control this virus, which has caused turmoil globally. The measures were put in place after some people violated the Quarantine Rules.

There were large groups of people, spotted in cities like Athens and other parts of the country during the quarantine period and so the authorities have decided to tighten the rules, so the spread can be as minimal as possible. We have seen the neighboring countries like Italy and Spain, how affected they are and we definitely must do everything possible to follow these rules.

Here in Crete, people are staying at home and even this latest alert, we’re all at home with movements being restricted to grocery shopping and other necessities.

The Authorities Have Put Measures In Place, Now It’s Up To Us To Do Our Part By Following The Rules

I must say, there is a group of people that is not taking this virus seriously despite everything we are seeing on the news, people dying families not being able to conduct funerals for their dear relatives and friends. Its really sad, and the saddest part is that there are people who have decided to make jokes and stupid challenges.

Young people need to realize that this pandemic is not a joke. I honestly don’t know where society has gone wrong in raising these children, we have a generation of people who cannot be told anything, and they don’t care about anyone else. They are out here licking toilet seats in airplanes and sneezing on people. Absolutely sickening.

In The US, A Bunch Of Young People Frooded Florida Despite The Outbreak, And The Things They Did There, Just Shameful.


I saw a video that was circulating on social media, of a young woman who started what she called the corona challenge. Not gonna go into details about this but it’s just sickening, and it just makes me wonder what is going through their minds when they do such things.

A woman in Florida posted a video of herself and her children, she and her family had to lock themselves in the house because a bunch of young people had decided they were going to sneeze on people’s doors and do all kinds of disgusting things. Because to them, the Corona Virus is a big joke.

Such kinds of people should be arrested and made to work at the hospitals so they can see firsthand how it is to be sick, and helpless in the hospital.

According to this article, some of them have already tested positive for the Corona Virus and now they are going to head back to their home towns to spread the virus


I am gonna end this post now because I have started getting really angry. I sure hope you will follow the guidelines given by the authorities of where you live. We need to work together to fight this pandemic. And if you see someone who thinks they are smattered than the authorities. The call the police.

Let’s care for one another, and Let’s spread kindness, not hate or fear.

Thank you for your time. If you have found my post helpful, then please share it on your social media, after you leave me a comment below.


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