How To Move To Crete Greece

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel titled how to move to Crete Greece, That video was inspired by an article I read about moving to Crete. I just want to share more helpful information because I felt parts of that article were misleading. Before you make plans and pack your bags and head to Greece, you must know that most countries, especially African countries need a visa to enter Greece.

If you are wondering How to move to Crete Greece, and asking if you need a visa to come to Crete, Later in this article, I will link a list of countries that don’t require visas to enter Greece, but you can be sure that all African countries require visas to enter Greece.

How To Get Residency In Crete

There are different categories of residency permits and you need to have the supporting documents for the kind of residency permit you are applying for. There are temporary residency permits for example residency permits for students coming to Greece to study, there are also people who come to Greece for work, and others come to Greece to retire here.

If you are coming to Crete to work, then, of course, you must show proof of employment, the same goes for students if you are coming here to study or to do some research, then you must have the supporting documents.


Of course for people who are coming to Greece from countries that don’t qualify for visa-free travel, then your application will start at the Greek embassy in your country, that’s where you will start the process.

How To Move To Crete Greece Just To Live There

OK, so if you are planning to move to Crete as a financially independent person meaning you are not coming to work here, then you need to show proof that you can sustain yourself while here. This means you need to show that you are financially stable and you have access to your finances( bank statements) You will also need health insurance, if you are moving to Crete from an EU country there is a possibility of you being able to integrate your national health insurance with the Greek National health insurance system.

But if you are not from an EU country, then you will definitely need private health insurance. If you have already purchased property, you need to produce the supporting documents, and if you are leasing, then you need to submit copies of your lease contract.

Can Anyone From Any Country Move To Crete?

Well, anyone can try to apply for a residency permit but, in my opinion, people from some countries will have difficulties qualifying for residency permits because even obtaining the initial visa to enter Greece, is very difficult. The reason I say this is that I have obviously gone through the process, and it was not easy.

I moved to Crete from Kenya, and the process of getting my residency permit was not easy, it was a long process, but I got it in the end. Obviously, each case is different depending on your circumstances and the reason why you are moving to Crete Greece.

How Do I Start My Move To Crete?

If you are a citizen of one of the countries that don’t require visas to enter Greece, then you are able to come to Greece and stay for a period of 90 days, as long as you have a valid passport. So I guess that will give you time to choose the area where you would like to settle, then once that is done, you can proceed with the residency process. Please visit the official website of the Greek ministry of foreign affairs here to find out if your country is on the visa-free list.


To find out more about different residency permits and how to apply, please visit the Greek immigration website, where you will find information on the requirements for different permits, and then you can decide which residency permit is suitable for you depending on your reasons to move to Crete Greece.


Getting a residency permit for Crete can be difficult for people from the “third world countries” so if you are planning to move to Crete from these countries, be prepared to face all kinds of challenges, and please be patient because the process can be a long one.

You will probably start at the embassy, and then when you get here you must apply for your residency permit as quickly as possible because the process needs to start while your visa has at least 2 months left. I will write a blog post detailing how my process went, and how long it took, so look out for that post.

Anyway, I would like to hear your opinion on this topic, have you applied for a Greek residency permit? If so, how long did it take and how was the process?

Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time


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