Is Crete A Good Place To Live For Pensioners?

Today we are going to answer this question Is Crete a good place to live? When it comes to Greek islands, Crete comes on top in terms of weather, access from all over the world, a stable health system, and a low cost of living. Crete has become very popular with pensioners because apart from giving you that Greek island living, Crete has everything you need to have a comfortable life, one of the things, of course, is having access to good health care.

Is Crete a good place to live? In my opinion, I think the island is a great place to live especially for those who are looking an all-year-round island living. Crete can be easily accessed by air or by sea, the island has three airports, one in The capital of the island which is Heraklion, and two others one in Chania and in Lassithi. Apart from that, there are ferries going to and fro Athens, and of course other islands.

So Is Crete A Good Place To Live, And If So, What Makes It So Good?

When searching for the best place to retire, the top concerns that pensioners have been the cost of living, weather, security, health care, and of course transport. I have written many articles covering these subjects because I understand that before one makes a move, you need lots of information. The cost of living in Crete is reasonable in comparison to the rest of Europe. Please read this article to get a clear picture of the cost of living in Crete.

When it comes to weather, Crete enjoys fairly good weather, even in the winter, we do have some really nice and bright sunny days. Sure in the evenings the temperatures would fall, some times all the way down to 2 degrees Celsius in mid January. So when choosing a property, you must ensure that you have heating system.


As far as security goes, Crete is actually one of the safest places in the world with crime rate being very low, here in Crete is safe even for women who are looking to retire on their own. As I mentioned in this article, Crete is the kind of place that a woman doesn’t have to be afraid of going out on her own.

What’s The State OF Health Care In Crete


Actualy, this was a question that was asked on my YouTube channel by one of my subscribers, and I am working on the video to reply to it.

As I mentioned earlier, health care is very important, especially when it comes to people of a particular age. Because of its size, I mean Crete is the biggest island in Greece. This means it has really good and well-equipped hospitals. The three major cities in Crete have good medical facilities, with Heraklion having the largest medical facility on the island.

Located in Stavrakia Herakleon, The University General Hospital Of Heraklion caters to different health care needs including a wide range of diagnostics and Laboratory tests. Please check out this article to read more about Retiring in Crete and the medical facilities on the island.

Is Crete A Good Place To Live For Pensioners? You Don’t Have To Worry About Health Care

I really don’t think you have to worry about health care here in Crete, there are large medical facilities and the island has many small clinics, and private hospitals as well, and of course pharmacies are everywhere, actually, the number of pharmacies on the island shocked me when I moved here, and of course the number of churches.

Everywhere you turn you can’t help but notice a pharmacy, or a church. The good thing about pharmacies here in Crete and Greece at large, the pharmacists are qualified to deal with minor cases, for example we had a friend who was helping us to cut a palm tree and in the process he was poked really badly on his hand.

We rushed him to the nearest pharmacy and they were able to attend to him and dress the wound. So yes, Crete is well-equipped when it comes to health care


The answer to our question is of course, yes, Crete is a good place to live for anyone and definitely for pensioners. We have looked at the cost of living, also we have talked about health care and the weather. And of course we talked about the fact that create is a big island so you will be living the island life, yet you won’t feel as if you are living in a small place.

Another thing to think about, is the fact that Crete gives you a variety of choices, when it comes to the style of living that you are looking for. For example if you want city life, heraklion is the third largest city in Greece.

If you want beach Life, the Chania area has the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Anyway, I really hope you have found my article helpful, and I hope you will read the articles I linked, because they contain even more information.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. This was a bit too superficial I feel. Good as an intro.
    How does the system work? Maybe compare it to the Danish so that Europeans (me German) can get a deeper insight.
    Must one first register at a GP on arrival, is the system state run, state vs private out-patient care, state vs private medical insurance availability…
    Dental & Eye services included in standard medical insurance or not… and most importantly the emergency services.
    You could probably do a whole playlist! 🙂

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