Living In Crete How To Get Greek News In English


When living in Crete as an English-speaking person, you will face the challenge of not being able to access local news and information in English. Today I want to share with you, 5 websites that could help you, these are websites that cover current affairs. And I will also give you the official website where you can find updates on the current crises that we are facing.

I must admit before I found these websites, I felt like I was missing out on what was happening around me and in the country at large, OK, I was missing out, I would hear things from my Greek neighbors that I knew nothing about.

Living In Crete, How To Get News In English Ekathimerini

Let’s start with, I recommend you visit this website for your daily dose of current affairs including politics, updates, and sometimes they have some really interesting, and even funny stories. They have been very helpful with updates on what’s happening and especially about the lockdown.

The second Website Keep Talking Greece

This website covers many topics including politics, travel, economy, culture, and of course lockdown updates, I actually just read that shops selling Christmas decorations and Christmas trees will be resume operations from Monday 7th December and will remain open until the 8th of January 2021.


But we still have to send the SMS to 13033, and wearing a mask is mandatory, we must stay 2 meters apart as well as ensuring that there are only 4 people per 100 square meters.

The Third Website Is Gov. gr

Although the website is in Greek, you have the option of choosing English. Here is where you will get public service information like where you should go for your AMKA number, How to apply for different documents. Also, this is where you will get the movement form that you need to fill out for when you need to go out during the lockdown.

You will find information on education, health, work, and insurance, you will even find information on agriculture and animal husbandry if you need that kind of information lol.

Where To Get Greek News In English Greek Reporter

This is another website that will keep you informed about what is happening in Greece. They cover every aspect of the news including sports. will be very helpful.

I just wanted to give you several websites and then you can choose which one you like best, my favorites are Ekathimerini, and Keep talking Greece.

Our last website but not least is the, they cover current affairs, sports, and entertainment.


It’s an awful feeling when you are living in a country and yet you don’t know what is happening. With these websites that I have shared today, you will be able to stay posted on different issues. Of course, you can also join forums and Facebook groups if you are on FaceBook, so you can see what others are talking about.

There are also some Facebook pages that you can follow to get updates. Anyway, I sure hope my article is helpful to you, if it is please leave me a comment below, by leaving comments you are helping me grow my blog so don’t be shy, let’s keep this conversation going.

Did you know about the websites I shared today? if so, which one is your favorite?

Thank you for your time.


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