The Ultimate Packing List For Crete

Today I am going to give you the packing list for Crete, When you are preparing for your holiday, one of the things you are going to be asking yourself is what should I pack? That is if this is your first time coming to Crete. So let me make things easier for you by suggesting a list of items that you should take with you.

Of course, the time of the year that you are visiting the island will determine the things that you should take with you, this packing list for Crete is just a guide. I will include things that are essential, But the rest will really depend on your preferences, style and The length of your holiday.

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Packing List For Crete Things You Must Bring With You

Medication, if you are on prescription medication, make sure you bring enough supply for the duration of your holiday because trying to get the same exact medication here in Crete could prove complicated, especially if it has to be ordered from Athens.

Portable phone charger

Because you will probably be using your phone to find directions to the places you want to visit, It’s a good idea to make sure that your phone doesn’t die on you. So a portable phone charger will be very handy.

Female Urination Device

I had not even thought about this idea until a friend mentioned it. Although most of the toilets here in Crete are modern, you might find some tavernas that still have the ancient kinds of toilets and it could get kinda complicated for a woman who is not familiar with that kind of toilet.

We actually had one taverna close to us that had those kinds of toilets and I think they have changed them now because most expats who live around here were avoiding that particular taverna because of the toilets.

So, since it’s always wise to be prepared this female urinary device will help you do your business safely and hygienically, it’s easy to clean and it fits in your handbag. Although it was designed for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, I think it could be handy for anyone who might not be able to use the bathroom seating down.

Traveling To Crete Packing list More To Bring


Insulated Water Bottler

Crete is very hot, especially in the summer months. OK, actually even in the winter you could get some days when it gets very hot during the day. So no matter what time of the year you visit Crete an insulated water bottle is a must. You must stay hydrated as you walk around or even as you soak up the sun on the beach.

If you just take water in normal water bottles, it will be just a matter of minutes and your water will be boiling hot. So to keep your water nice and icy it’s best to have an insulated water bottle.

You, Will, Need  Dog Poop Bags And I Will Tell You Why

I know you might be confused, and are probably asking why would I need a dog poop bag? I am going on holiday and I am not taking my dog with me. Let me explain, If you have read my previous article where I talked about things not to do in Crete Greece, I mentioned that you are not allowed to throw used toilet paper in the toilet.

The used toilet paper is to be thrown in the bin that you are going to find next to the toilet and the bins are emptied every day but some people prefer to be discreet about these things and if you are one of those people, you might prefer bringing dog poop bags so you can put the used toilet paper in the bag before throwing it into the bin.

And actually, this does not just apply to Crete, even other Greek Islands and also Cyprus, you are not allowed to flush used toilet paper in the toilet. You will see signs even in the airport toilets.

You Need A Universal Power Adapter

If you are coming from The US or other places where the power sockets are different, then you definitely need a power adapter that is compatible with the Greek Power sockets. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that you can’t connect your devices to power because the connection is different.

OK, you can probably find an adapter at the electronic shops here in Crete, but I think it’s best to be prepared, besides you are not coming here to be stressed with power adapters. You are coming to Crete to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Packing List For Crete, Lets Now Talk About Clothes And Shoes


In The same article, I mentioned earlier, (things not to do in Crete) I also talk about visiting churches and monasteries. So when you are packing your clothes for your holiday, for women remember to include a couple of maxis dresses and a couple of scarves. And for guys, you should have preferably a sleeved shirt when visiting a church, and don’t wear your swimming shorts. Go for a formal looking pair of shorts instead.

The reason I say this is that despite their beauty, churches are places of worship, and they are to be treated with respect by dressing modestly. And the same goes for monasteries, the monks and the Priests don’t want to see bare arms and bare legs, besides you really don’t want to act like a temptress do you?

When it comes to shoes, I won’t suggest bringing lots of high heels unless you want to take pictures in heels. Most places here in Crete are not even designed for heels, the roads are rough, and walking in heels even for a short distance can prove very uncomfortable.

You Can Wear Your High Heels At The Hotel But Going For Walks Its Better In Flats


Actually, even some historical sites don’t allow people to visit wearing heels because you might ruin things. So yeah, if you must-have heels, then you might just want to wear them at the hotel or when you want to dress up for dinner. But definitely not for walking around.

If you intend to go hiking Then you do need to bring proper hiking shoes. Also, depending on the time of the year you are visiting, you might have to bring a pair of waterproof shoes, especially if you are coming in the rainy season(Winter)

Also if you are visiting in the spring, you must keep in mind that the evenings are cold so bring something warm with you, because when you go out you will be seating outside mostly and it can get cold in the evening, especially when you are having your meal in the seaside Tavernas. The sea breeze is cold.

The Ultimate Packing List For Crete At A Glance


Phone Charger

Female Urination Device

Insulated water bottle

Universal Power Adapter

Dog Poop Bags(maybe)

Proper shoes For hiking(if you plan to go hiking)

Long dresses for ladies if you will visit churches

Light scarves

Flat shoes and sandals

Your usual hygiene, and skincare stuff

Make up for ladies or guys who like it lol

A big summer hat and sunglasses

Sun protection cream/lotion

Hair drier and straightener (if you need them)

Swimwear and lots of shorts and light tops



The holiday season is going to start soon and many people have already prebooked their Greek island holiday, with Crete being the most favorite destination. Today I just wanted to give you an idea of the things you should bring with you to Crete.

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I hope you have found this article helpful if so I would appreciate it so much if you can leave me a comment below. Are you planning to visit Crete this year, and if so which parts are you most looking forward to visiting?

Thank you so much for your time


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