Where To Buy Home Appliances In Chania Crete

Today we are talking about where to buy home appliances in Chania. OK, so this post is inspired by a question I got on YouTube, someone was wondering whether it’s better to buy products online and have them shipped to Crete or there are good shops that one can find high-quality home appliances.

Where to buy home appliances in Chania, I am going to share shops, that we have actually bought things from because I want to share our experience. I mean there is no point recommending random shops. So here we go, when it comes to things like furniture, garden furniture bedding, and kitchenware, we have two shops that we highly recommend.

Where To Buy  Home Appliances In Chania Furniture, Bedding, And Kitchenware

Simple City, that is where we buy most of our bedding, and kitchenware like plates, glasses, cutlery, and other small things for the house. You have the option of ordering stuff from their website or just visiting their store located in Komvos Mournies, Municipality of El. Venizelos, Chania 733 00. We’ve never ordered anything from their online store, we always go there and grab whatever we need.

Our second recommendation is a store called Jysk, they have lots of things like furniture, bedding, and other household items. Everything in Jysk is of high quality, if you want that Scandinavian living, in terms of quality, then Jysk is the store you need to visit. By the way, I am not affiliated with these shops at all so I am giving you an honest opinion with nothing to gain or lose on my part.


IKEA Is Also A Great Place To Find Furniture Kitchen Cabinets And Even Bathroom Cabinets


We got our kitchen cabinets from IKEA and we are very happy with our purchase, we had to install the kitchen ourselves but it turned out quite nice if I do say so myself lol. And through the whole process husband and I didn’t fight lol. We had listened to a program on the radio where they said a couple should not install an IKEA kitchen because it can increase chances of divorce(shocked emoji)

So, if you can install the cabinets yourself, you can buy them from IKEA, and get busy lol(no arguing). Actually, you can buy lots of things from IKEA including beds, wardrobes, etc, the only problem is that you have to put them together yourself because they come as parts with instructions on how to put them together. The IKEA here in Chania offers an installation service where you pay them to come to your house and put everything together, so you have that option.

We didn’t need their installation services so we didn’t really ask about it so much, but we were informed that it’s available if we need it.

Where To Buy Other Appliances Like Fridges, Cookers, Washing Machines, And DishWashers


We bought our Fridge and other appliances like microwave, oven, stove, and things like juicer, blender, toaster, etc from Electronet, it’s a nice store and they deliver your goods on time, if they say they will be there at 9 AM, they will be there, each time we bought a product that needed to be delivered, they did it on time.

You can visit their website www.electronet.gr or contact them on 2821042060 the guys speak good English so communication is not an issue.

Another store that you might want to check out is Kotchovlos (κωτσοβολος) it’s a big store with a range of selections, I think you can find almost any electronic device in Kotchovlos.

Oikos Is A Good Store Too For Furniture, Bedding, And Kitchenware

We’ve been to Oikos a few times and they have lots of households products, we bought some towels there and also we’ve bought other things for the bathroom.

They have lots of furniture including garden furniture.


There are many good stores here in Crete, and you can get whatever you need without having to ship them yourself from other countries which could be quite expensive.

I have tried a few times to buy things from Amazon.com and I always find that the shipping cost sometimes is even higher than the cost of the item. But recently I started shopping on amazon.de, and I found the shipping is better and also goods arrive quicker, so maybe if you want to order some item from amazon and you are here in Crete, then I highly recommend you order from amazon.de.

OK, that’s it for today, I hope you have found my post helpful, if so then please share it on your social media, and also leave me a comment below, where do you shop for your household items?

Thank you for your comments and for your time.


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