where to buy souvenirs, herbs and gifts in Crete

Where To Buy Souvenirs, And Gifts In Kalives Beach Crete


One of the exciting activity of being on holiday is gift and souvenir shopping, and if you are staying in Kalyves Beach, you don’t have to go all the way to Chania to do your souvenir shopping and that’s why today I am going to share with you where to buy souvenirs, herbs, and gifts in Kalives Beach Crete.

In the main street of Kalives just opposite the Kalives Beach Hotel, there is a shop called 1000+1 Flavors and in there you will find everything you need and at pocket friendly price, unlike in Chania where souvenirs and gifts are a bit on the high side price-wise, in 1000+1 Flavors, you will find high-quality souvenirs at an affordable price which will give you  the ability to buy more stuff for your family and friends back home.

The good thing about 1000+1 Flavors is that its a one-stop-shop, I mean you name it, they got it, from herbs from the Cretan mountains to spices from all over the world, to art to olive oil, coffee, essential oils, skincare products made of organic Cretan olive oil which will do wonders for your skin. Nuts, dry fruits, tea, salts, Gluten Free products,  Cretan wine, from the vineyards of Crete, the list goes on and on and on 🙂

And don’t get me started on Cretan honey which, to be honest, I think its the best in the whole wide world, if you try the Cretan honey you will not be able to enjoy any other kind of honey I promise you, the flavor of thyme, rosemary mixed with the flavors of Cretan wildflowers, yummy! just amazing.


The only thing that will stop you from buying all the fine things in 1000+1 Flavors is the space in your luggage.

You can take advantage of their E-shop if you are not in Crete

OK But I don’t live in Crete or plan to visit Crete any time soon, How do I get these wonderful goods? This you are going to love, you can actually order all the things I have mentioned, online, that’s right, you can visit their website and order whatever you want, and the prices are still pocket-friendly.

This is their Official website  www.traditionalcretanproducts.com

And they even offer  free shipping for people who are within Greece, so give them a visit and browse through their products

So you can enjoy the flavors of Crete at your home, you can cook with Organic Cretan Olive oil, luxuriate on the finest wine from the Cretan Vineyards. and also you can enjoy the sweetness of Cretan honey no matter where you are, just visit their website, and they offer you different methods of payments, If you are buying from the shop you can pay by cash.

And if you are ordering from the website, you can pay by either direct bank deposits or by pay pal.

Now let’s see how the shop looks like inside

where to buy souvenirs, herbs and gifts in Crete

Let’s start with Greek Mythology.

For most people visiting Greece will not be the same without taking home a small statue of one of the Greek gods, I guess it’s like taking a piece of Greek mythology with you. and 1000+1 Flavors has put this into consideration and they do have a stand with a selection of Greek gods statues for you to choose from

you can take home your own statue of one of the Greek gods, you will have a good selection and they are all reasonable sizes which makes it easy when you are doing your packing plus Sofia and Gianis will make sure that the package is carefully wrapped, so it can get home safely 🙂

where to buy souvenirs, herbs and gifts in Crete

How About Cretan Ceramic art?

On this stand, you will find all kinds of Ceramic art some to hang on your wall and some that you can put on the dining table to create a nice centerpiece that will get your guests talking and asking you questions about the gorgeous masterpiece.

The beautiful blue and white colors will remind you of the wonderful time you had at the beach and its surly bout to put a smile on your face even in cold winter months

where to buy souvenirs, herbs and gifts in Cretewhere to buy souvenirs, herbs and gifts in Crete


Textile and embroidery

On this stand you will come face to face with the creativity of Cretan textile, you will find the finest cotton fabric to use at the beach or to just use as scarves when you get back home, there is a huge selection of colors and designs, and you will also find Beach bags and other accessories.

where to buy souvenirs herbs and gifts in Cretewhere to buy souvenirs herbs and gifts in Crete

Olive wood Art and accessories,

After the harvesting of the olives, the farmers in Crete have to prune the trees and get them ready for new branches and new leaves which translates into great harvest for the following year. now apart from using the branches for food for the animals and for wood to warm up the houses in the winter.

A lot of Cretans have found very creatives ways to use the olive tree and one of those ways is to create art and wooden products that can be used around the house, they create wooden spoons, bowls, pestle and mota, chopping boards just to name a few. And Gianis being a true Cretan has mastered the art of creating magical artwork from the olive tree.

One of the things I found amazing is a pen that he creates from olive wood, its a wooden pen with a refillable ink that would make the most beautiful gift for someone who likes to write, hey, even for someone who doesn’t like to write, it will still make your desk look fantastic. So I highly recommend that you get one of those pens.where to buy souvenirs herbs and gifts in Cretewhere to buy souvenirs herbs and gifts in Crete

Coffee Mugs and other household accessories

On this stand you will find coffee  and tea mugs that have the map of Crete as well as other designs and you will also find the small glasses that are used for serving Skudia(Raki) they also have Cretan artwork on them, and at the bottom part of the stand you will find scented candles that are scented with Cretan Herbs and flowers.

And at the far end, you will also find candle holders and more beautiful things like dolphins sculptures that are actually salt and pepper shakers, I found those ones super cute.

Any Woman who likes Natural skincare will like this stand

where to buy souvenirs, herbs and gifts in Crete

Natural organic skincare products

This is where you will find essential oils, hair and skin care products all made organically with the finest Cretan ingredients, like Extra Virgin Olive oil and you can even find products that are made of Olive oil and Donkey milk. The essentials oils include Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Lavender, Sage, Mint just to name a few.

And on the skincare and hair, there are shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, body and face scrubs, and masks as well as anti-aging creams. and as you move further into the shop you will also notice another stand that has hand made soaps, that are enriched with olive oil and essential oils.


1000+1 Flavors is a good place to do your gift and souvenir shopping, you will find all you need under one roof, and as I said you don’t have to mess up your budget because everything is at an affordable price.

So if you find yourself in this part of Crete, I highly recommend that you visit 1000+1 Flavors and see for yourself that I am not exaggerating when I say it’s an amazing place to find gifts, herbs, spices, and of course souvenirs.

Thank you so much for reading and I would like to hear your views, have you visited 1000+1 flavors, I know some of you have already visited this shop because I saw your reviews on trip advisor, so please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Thank you for your time.


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