Internet Speed In Crete, Can You Work Remotely?

Today we are discussing internet speed in Crete. As more and more people find themselves working remotely the idea of moving to your dream destination is sounding more realistic. one of those dream destinations is the beautiful Greek island of Crete.

When it comes to working remotely a strong, stable, and secure internet connection is required and that is why internet speed in Crete is very important to people who are considering moving to the island. Actually, I have received many questions on my Youtube channel about the internet, and that is what inspired me to write this article.

Internet Speed In Crete,  A Survey Showed Greece As Having The Slowest Internet Speed in The EU

In an article published in July 2021 on the Keep Talking Greece website, based on studies conducted all through Europe Greece came out as the country with the slowest internet speed and the most expensive. In the article, some Greeks who commented on social media described the internet speed as ” a donkey trying to climb a hill on a hot summer day”. You can check out the full report here

So what does this mean for expats who want to move to Crete and work remotely? Honestly, it depends on the type of work you do. If you have to do lots of virtual heavy lifting meaning you have to download large files, then I suppose it could get frustrating, depending on your internet provider.


We have some friends who work remotely for different companies, and they have managed to get the work done just fine. A friend of ours has an internet package from Cosmote just like we do, and a booster which helps with the speed.

Internet Speed In Crete There Are Many Internet Providers On The Island

Apart from the main phone company which is Cosmote, there are many other internet providers, with all kinds of bundles and plans to suit your internet needs. there are companies like Vodafone, Wind Hellas, Hellas Sat, and Big Blu that offers satellite internet system.

What I can advise you to do is first find out what is the best internet provider for you based on your needs, Keep in mind that depending on the area you choose to move to, you might be forced to settle for a satellite internet system because some areas on the island have no telephone lines, which means you will not be able to be connected to Cosmote for example.

So just do some research before making your move to Crete, first research the area you are moving to, and then research the possibilities of being able to access stable and secure internet.  Hey, you don’t wanna move and then not be able to work.


Moving to Crete and being able to work remotely is a dream of many, and as we mentioned in order for you to be able to work remotely, you need a stable reliable fast and secure internet connection.

In my opinion, if you can be connected to Cosmote, you will be able to find a suitable package, and then get a booster which will just cost you 5 euros extra a month, you would be fine as long as your job does not require you to download heavy files.

Thank you for reading my post today, please leave your comments below.


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1 comment on “Internet Speed In Crete, Can You Work Remotely?

  1. Hi Pame,
    I am seriously thinking about moving to Crete after having visited just a couple of weeks ago. However, one of my biggest concerns is internet speed bc I would be working from home requiring a lot of video conferences. Your article isn’t specific in what speeds are available or their reliability. Is there at least 100mb/s available or more for residences in and around the larger cities like Heraklion or Chania? I’m not concerned about cost. We would like to buy a villa there, but again, internet is super important. Another question, would you recommend mobile internet that we can use instead of wired connections if they are slower? I’ve been looking since we returned for these answers and came upon your youtube, which led me here. I would appreciate a straightup answer. Thank you.

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