Living In Crete, How To Learn Greek Quickly


One of the first things you must do when you move to Crete is to learn the Greek language, living in Crete would be very difficult for you if you don’t learn Greek. So you must do your best to try and learn as much Greek as you can in a short time. In today’s article, we are going to discuss how to learn Greek quickly.

I will share with you tips that will help you learn Greek. Which will make your life on Crete much better and enjoyable. These are tips that I am using myself and they do help a lot. One thing that helps me a lot with my Greek is talking to my neighbors, That’s actually how to learn Greek quickly. Speaking to your neighbors gives you confidence. Now, I know it drives them crazy trying to understand what I am talking about but it helps me because they do correct me and that helps me learn how to say things properly, as well as learn a few new words.

Another way is to speak Greek when you go to the shops and restaurants, Although some of them, especially the young people might answer you in English, don’t let that stop you, just keep speaking in Greek. The thing is, the young people think they are helping by answering you in English but it’s better you let them know that you are learning Greek, and would rather speak in Greek, if they can speak slowly of course.

When Learning To Speak Greek, You Must Practice The Words You Learn


So tip number one, don’t be shy and don’t just learn words and then not use them, practice. Also, commit to learning a few words every week and practicing them.


There are many resources that you can utilize to learn Greek, there are free tools that you can use, or you can just opt to hire a tutor. Let’s start with free tools, number one is YouTube, I will link a couple of channels that will help you learn Greek for free.

Although there are many YouTube channels that teach basic Greek, the ones I am going to mention, are solid and active channels that will take you step by step, with fresh content every week so you can proceed smoothly with your learning.

I mean there is no point subscribing to a channel that has old videos and has not updated in years, you need an active channel, so when you have questions, you can be sure that your comments will be answered.

Here Are Some YouTube Channels That Will Help You Learn Greek Quick


And unlike those YouTube channels that are designed to teach tourists a few phrases, the channels I am going to feature in this article, are channels that will teach you and help you learn the kind of Greek that will help you in your daily life. The channel I am referring to is called Liguatree, this is a channel run by a lady called Yiuli Tsogka, she is a certified Greek Tutor who studied at the University of Patras.

She teaches Greek as a foreign language to adults. And if you would like private online lessons, she also offers that. I will link her Instagram here so you can get easy access to her. Here is her Instagram page I love her style of teaching, and she teaches slowly and step by step which makes it easy to understand and to practice as you learn.

The next YouTube channel I want to mention which is the one I first subscribed to when I started learning Greek, and I really liked it, it’s called Greek Pond 101 This channel has many levels of Greek lessons and you can choose where you want to start, you can also sign up to their website for free and get lessons delivered to your email.

How To Learn Greek Quick, Use This App It Makes You Practice Every Day

But while you are doing all this, there is an app that you should have on your phone that will help you practice every day and the app is called Duolingo, this app is amazing, it will help you learn Greek so easily and it helps you practice by sending reminders in case you forget to take your daily lessons.

If you would rather learn Greek in a class setting, there are many languages schools all over the Island, the best place to find the nearest school or nearest Tutor, is to visit a website called, that is where people and organizations post different services. That is also a website that will help you connect with other expats living on the island.

That way you will be able to make new expat friends, as you work on making Greek Friends.


Moving to another country can be challenging especially when you have to learn a new language. But you need not worry, with the right tools and motivation, you can do it. I think it’s necessary to try and learn the language because it’s also a sign of respect for the people of the country that you have moved into.

When it comes to the Greek language, obvious it’s not an easy language, and even the Greeks will tell you that it’s not easy but you will learn to speak with time and dedication.

I am not perfect in Greek but I am better than when I started learning, and it will only get better as I continue to practice. And that is what you need to do, start, and then keep learning and practicing.

Well, I hope my article today has helped you. And now I really would love to hear from you, are you living here on Crete or planning to move here? have you started learning Greek, if so how is it coming along?

Please share your thoughts down below and I will be very happy to interact with you. Thank you so much for your time.


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