top 10 best beaches in Chania Crete

Top 10 Best Beaches In Chania Crete


Today we are going to review top 10 best beaches in Chania Crete, I am so excited to share with you my list of the best beaches in Chania Crete, to be honest, I think Chania has the most beautiful Beaches in Crete. And each beach has its own charm as you are going to find out in this review, so fasten your seat belt as we count down the best beaches in Chania.

OK, so I just got a little dramatic there, anyway grab your favorite drink and Let’s do this

Let’s Get into Our List Of Top 10 Best Beaches In Chania Crete

Kalyves Beach

Top 10 best beaches in Chania Crete
Photo Of Kalyves In Mid May, Courtesy of Tony The Jelly Fish



Kalyves Beach, this beach is located 23 km on the East side of Chania (Hania) in the Apokoronos area, the beach is amazing and its clean, as you walk along the beach you will notice a small harbor where the fishermen will be going about their daily fishing activities, and you will also notice lots of taverns where you can enjoy the best catch of the day.


There are several Fish restaurants in Kalyves my favorite being one called Elena, they have the best fish dishes, But I will be back with a review of the best places to eat in Kalives so look out for that post.

Because Kalives waters are shallow, you will enjoy that inviting dive into dark blue Sea and then you can just relax on the sandy beach. This beach is also ideal for a family that has small children because as I mentioned the waters are shallow so the little ones, can enjoy playing in the water and having lots of fun.

If you are traveling with children I would recommend going toward the harbor because there its where the water is shallowest, we call that part the Banana beach because its the children beach, there is also an ice cream stand, where the young ones and the parents can enjoy an ice cream.

Kalyves despite being a favorite tourist destination, its actually a very traditional Greek fishing Village and The Greek people are very proud of their heritage. Kalyves is one of the villages that is operational even after the tourist season is over, there are Banks, Pharmacies and shops that are open all year round.

So if you would like to visit Crete off-season, then Kalyves would be the best place to visit.

Seitan Limania

top 10 best beaches in Chania Crete

Seitan Limania, This is a beach located just 20 kilometers from the town of Chania ( Hania) is located at Northeast of Akrotiri, this beach is ideal for a romantic getaway, when you come to the Village called Hordaki, you will continue down a rough path, which will lead you to a secluded beach, its well hidden and I think its ideal for a couple who want peace and quiet, especially if you are lucky enough to be the only ones there 🙂

You can have a swim in the sea and just relax, just remember to bring some food and some drinks with you, more like a romantic picnic.

Imeri Gramvousa, this is another secluded beach, it’s actually a small island on the north-west coast and even though it’s not habited it has an impressive fortress and just below the fortress, is a beautiful white sandy beach and clear blue sea, the way to get there is by boat from Kisamos.

Gerani Beach, this beach is just 13 kilometers from the town of Chania and, stretching over 2 and a half kilometers this beach is ideal for nice beach fun, there are many activities to take part in, for example, you and your friends can enjoy a nice game of Beach Tenis or volleyball.

A bit Crowded But Lots Of Beach Fun

Platanias, this beach is located about 10 kilometers west from Chania (Hania) its a long sandy beach and its usually very busy in high season, there are many hotels, restaurants and shops, Platanias, is mainly a tourist area.

Agia Marina, this is overpopulated with tourists and it’s just next to Platanias, that whole region is a tourist zone and when the season is over, it looks more like a deserted town, if you drive through Platanias and Agia Marina in January, its very quiet and nothing much happens until maybe March when the hotels start renovating and planting flowers to get ready for the season.

So if you are the kind who likes wild beach parties and crowded beaches, then go to Agia Marina in July or August and you will not be disappointed. There are many restaurants, hotels, and many shops.

Elafonisi Beach

top 10 best beaches in Chania Crete

The famous Elafonisi Beach, this is another beach that will be very crowded in July and August, but it’s worth visiting, with its charming pink sand, Elafonisi, is a must for anyone visiting Crete, Elafonisi is about 75 kilometers southwest from Chania and its considered to be one of the best beaches in the region, what makes this beach special and unique, is the signature pink sand.

The girls are especially very excited when they get to this side of the Island and they won’t have peace until they visit the pink sandy beach and take many pictures especially of their feet walking on the pink sand lol 🙂

How About A Swim In The Only Fresh Water Lake In Crete?

Lake Kournas, this is the only freshwater lake in Crete, and its located just 45 kilometers from Chania, it’s ideal for a getaway from all the noise that a city like Chania can offer especially in the high tourist season, if you want a nice swim in refreshing freshwater and take a break from the salty seawater, then Lake Kournas is just the treat you need.

travel to the Greek Islands

This lake is near the village of Georgioupolis and, it’s not really a touristy place so you can swim, sunbathe and have a wonderful day, there are taverns nearby where you can grab a bite to eat and something to drink. So if you want a mini getaway, then Lake Kournas is an idea.

Stavros Beach Walk In The Footsteps Of Zorba The Greek

top 10 best beaches in Chania Crete

Located just 17 kilometers north-east of Chania, at the edge of Cape Akrotiri, The seaside village of Stavros is a charming little village that has earned fame worldwide due to the fact that some parts of the film Zorba The Greek were actually filmed in this area, the camel shaped mountain overlooking the harbor of Stavros is where the scenes of the film were captured. You can easily access this beach by taking a bus from Chania.

If you have watched that film, then you will be able to point where the famous Sitarki dance took place in 1964, but even if you are not a fan of vintage movies and you don’t even know what I am talking about, Stavros is very inviting, with its white sandy beach and shallow turquoise water, the beach is very organized and there are restaurants and sunbeds but because the beach is very famous and very touristy, the services are not pocket-friendly and I must mention that even to just lay on the sunbeds can be quite costly.

Further away from the main beach, there is another smaller beach which is about 200 meters away, but this one is very rocky and the winds can be wild, but it’s very secluded and it’s not very popular with tourists.


When you visit Chania (Hania) You will find many interesting things to do, from walking through the old town of Chania to visiting the famous old Market to strolling through leather lane, and visiting many fine Jewelry stores where you can find the finest Greek jewelry, Visiting museums and other historical sites.

But when you are ready to hit the beach, you will be spoiled for choice because there are so many gorgeous beaches to choose from, it really depends on you and how much time you have because there are many beaches to visit within the Chania region and if you decide you want to see other beaches in other parts of the island, then you definitely need lots of time in Crete.

I hope I have given you a reason to book your next holiday to Greece and Crete to be specific, and I hope you will visit some if not all of the beaches I have mentioned in this review. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think, have you been to Crete before is there something you would like to share?

Thank you so much for reading this and for your time.


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