Crete 2021 High Temperatures In January


Crete 2021. We are experiencing very high temperatures in Crete this winter. We are having 25 Celsius(77 Fahrenheit) during the day and up to  30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) in the sun. At night we are sometimes having 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit) and even 20 degrees celsius (68 Fahrenheit). This is very strange, and Greece has not experienced such high templates since 2010.

Crete 2021. The high temperatures in Crete have caused a lack of snow on the white mountains and people have started expressing their worries about water shortage in the coming years. Another thing we have noticed that we never have this time of the year is the dust in the air.

We usually get the dust storms in April and sometime in May. but this time we have dust in the air, and it’s only January, very strange.

Crete 2021 High Temperatures Have Made The Lockdown Even Worse

As you know, Crete and Greece at large are in lockdown, which has now been extended until 18 of January 2021. Because of the warm weather, people are finding it hard to stay indoors, and actually in Athens people were seen at the beach on Sunday having fun and swimming.


On the Island, people are still following the rules, and we are mostly indoors and only going out when it’s absolutely essential. I sure hope 2021 will be better than in 2020.

And in Spain it’s been just the opposite, they’ve had lots of snow and people were seen in Madrid having snowball fights. The weather has changed indeed.

Speaking Of The Lockdown Travel Plans Seem To Be In Place For Tourists

Despite the lockdown and the crisis that we are in, people have already made travel plans and it predicted that if all the bookings are fulfilled, then Greece could already be on the road to economic recovery. Its estimated that the tourism sector could bring in more revenue than it did in 2019.

Of course all that depends on travel restrictions in the major suppliers of travelers to Greece which are the UK Germany and the Scandinavian region. As it is now, most countries in Scandinavia are in lockdown, and if the restrictions are not lifted by the start of the tourist season In Greece which starts in early April and runs until September, then things could go very bad for Greece.

2021 Is The Year For The Big Celebration Of 200 Years Of Greek Independence


As I mentioned in another article, Greece was supposed to have its biggest tourism year yet in 2021 because of the celebrations of 200 years of Greek independence. the Greek  People who live overseas were preparing to come back home in time for the celebrations.

I was looking forward to watching and even participate in celebrations and of course blogging about it lol. Well, we shall see how everything goes.

Crete 2021 Celebrated Epiphany Day Indoors

It’s my hope that this big event will be able to be celebrated. I must say it was very sad just recently when we celebrated the Epiphany day on the 6th of January indoors. This holiday is celebrated to commemorate the presentation of baby Jesus to the 3 wise men.

The celebration includes the ceremony of blessing the waters, where a golden cross is thrown in the sea, and the young men are supposed to dive in and retrieve it. This year would have been the best year for that activity because as I mentioned earlier, we have been experiencing very high temperatures.

Also, the Priest was obviously not able to visit the houses for blessings. We always look forward to the Priest to come over, he would come and sprinkle water in every room while reciting a prayer, it’s really nice.


We are living in very strange times. This past year has been very trying to say the least. We now just have to hope that things will get better this year. Anyway, I wish you a happy new year and hope you will stay safe and healthy.

Please share your thoughts below, Are you coming to Greece this year if things get better? If so which parts of Greece will you be visiting?

Thank you so much for your time.


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