Moving To Crete How To Find A Job

On this blog, I share with you some of the challenges you will face moving to Crete, and today we are going to talk about how to find a job. Most of the people who move to Crete from other countries, move here either because they have been posted here by the companies they work for, or they have moved here to retire.

When you are thinking about moving to Crete, there are some things you need to research when it comes to jobs. The easiest way for you to ensure that you have a job when you move to Crete is to discuss the issue with the company you work for and see if they can let you work remotely.

Or if your company does not have a remote position for you, then maybe look for a remote position with another company. The reason why I say this is that jobs are not easy to come by in Greece, and the opportunities that arise, they will be offered to the Greek citizens first before they can consider a foreigner.

Moving To Crete How To Find Tourism And Hospitality Jobs

Moving -To-Crete-How-To-Find A-Job

That being said, there are seasonal Tourism, hospitality jobs that are available for people mainly those who are citizens of EU countries, so if hospitality is your thing, then you can apply for different positions in hotels, and tourist resorts. The only problem with those types of jobs, they are only available in the tourist season which begins in April and goes until mid to end of October.


So that means you will have to save your money because in the winter you will be jobless. May I also add that the hospitality jobs are for young people, most of them actually have an age limit. They mostly want people between the ages of 24 to 30 so if you are older than that, you probably won’t be accepted.

But maybe if you are applying for a management position, you might have a chance, if you have the required qualifications of course. The other jobs that might be available for someone who is moving to Crete are teaching jobs, especially English teachers. If you are a qualified teacher, you might find a job in local Schools.

For employment information and application of required documents, visit this website

Other options for jobs include doing Freelancing jobs online or even just finding an online job. There are many websites that you can visit to find these jobs,, and And Also don’t forget to create an account on, that is where companies go to look for job seekers.

Teach People English Online No Teaching Degree Required

Moving -To-Crete-How-To-Find A-Job

There is also another website that you can register for and offer English lessons to people who want to learn English, there is no teaching degree required but you have to be a native English speaker, I tried to apply but they did not accept me because I am not a native English speaker. They seem to prefer people from the UK, Australia, US, and Canada.

So what you will need in order for you to register is a laptop or desktop, a stable internet connection, and a good microphone, so your job will be to just hold a casual conversation in English with someone who is learning English and teach them how to phrase and pronounce words properly, that’s it. If you are interested, the website is called Cambly.

You will be paid between $10 to $20 an hour and they pay via PayPal every Monday. Just go To Google and type Cambly tutor, it’s the first result that pops up, or just Click Here

Other options, start your own business, if you visit the Greek website I mentioned when I talked about employment, there you will also find information on how to apply for a business permit and other documents that you will need in order for you to start a business here in Crete, and Greece in general.

Moving To Crete How To Find a Job, Start A Blog Or A YouTube Channel

Moving -To-Crete-How-To-Find A-Job

Although this approach will take lots of time before you start generating income, it’s worth trying especially if you are not desperate for cash. A YouTube channel and a blog are a good way of sharing your experience with your friends and family and also offering helpful information to people who want to move to Crete or even those who want to visit the island.

The only problem with a blog and A YouTube Channel, you need to learn how to do things properly otherwise no one will ever see your content. You have to learn things like how to create content and how to target the right keywords because obviously, the competition is fierce. If you want to learn about this venture, you can visit my other blog where I talk about affiliate marketing and blogging click here

On that page, you will also find the link to the course that I took which enabled me to create these blogs and my YouTube channels. I actually think if content creation is your thing, you should start a blog even if you have a job. It’s really a nice way not only to help people but also it could be a lucrative online business, especially if you learn how to place affiliate links on your posts or YouTube videos.


Finding a job when you move to Crete can be challenging, but if you make plans beforehand, things will work out. I think I have given you a few helpful ideas. Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts on this, please leave your comments below and tell me if you think it would be advisable to make job plans before moving to Crete.

If you have already moved to Crete, can you please share with us what you do for a living and how you found your job?

Thank you for your time.


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  1. Hi! Aren’t there immigration requirements to move to Greece? Would you have details to share? Thanks

    1. If one is moving to Greece from an EU country, there are no complications. But moving to Greece from a non-EU country, then of course there are Immigration requirements.

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