Kalives Travel Car Hire Chania Airport Review


As we have discussed in the previous articles, if you want a full experience, and enjoyment of being in Crete and visiting all the nice places in Crete, and, as you know, there are many of them. Then you definitely need the services of car hire. Let’s assume you are landing at the Chania Airport, then you will need a car hire at the Chania Airport.

But not just any car hire, you need a company that will cater to all the needs you might have without complicating things. I mean you are on holiday and your mission right now is to relax and visit all the wonderful places you want to see in Crete, not to mention the most amazing beaches. But how do you find the best car hire at the Chania Airport and Crete at large?

Car Hire Service Should Not Ruin Your Holiday In Crete, That Is Why You Need Kalives Travel Car Hire Chania Airport


The point of being on a holiday is to be stress-free, and to forget your troubles for the next few days that you are on holiday. So you definitely don’t want a car hire service that stresses you with all kinds of things like hidden charges, up sales, etc. You just want to grab your rental car at the airport or wherever you instruct the company to deliver the car, and you just want to start your holiday.

You want to enjoy the finest of Cretan cuisine, and just have a good old time right? OK, I have to admit I have heard of people who had bad experiences with car hire companies and that is why I decided to do this review of Kalives Travel. This is a company that my husband and I have experience with that dates many years back and we can talk about this company with confidence. So Let’s get into the review now.


And before we get into it, if you read this post until the end, there is a little some some for you. There is a discount coupon just for you. But don’t scroll all the way down lol 🙂 just be nice and read the whole post, please.

Kalives Travel Car Hire Service Chania Airport Review

Name- Kalives Travel

Business type- Car Rental

Year Launched- 1997

Official Address- Kalyves Apokonou Chania 7003 Crete

Telephone Number- +30 2825031046

Official website- kalivestravel.gr

Official Email address- holidays@kalivestravel.gr

Skype- kalives.travel.

Who Is Kalyves Travel Car Hire And What Kind Of Services Do They Offer?


Kalives Travel is a car hire business based in the village of Kalyves, and they give car hire services at the Chania airport and even Heraklion Airport. They will also deliver the car at your hotel/apartment or at the port. You just need to inform them where you want the car delivered. Kalives Travel is a family business and it prides itself on having over 23 years of experience. And by being in business for that long, Kalyves Travel has established itself as one of the leading rental car companies in Crete.

It has earned the trust and confidence of many travelers and residents of this beautiful island. Their flexibility and willingness to help sets them apart from other car rental companies in Crete and that is why many people keep coming back to them because of their excellent, efficient and professional service.

But Does Kalives Travel Only Serve Tourists?

No Kalives Travel caters to the needs of anyone who needs a car hire service. If for whatever reason you need a car, they will hook you up. I remember a time when we needed a car because our car had problems and when we took it to the garage, the mechanic said that he will need at least three days to fix it.

We rang Kalives travel and explained our situation and they told us not to worry and to just wait at the garage and they will bring us a car. They even went further to tell us that when our car is ready for collection, we should just leave the rental car at the garage and they will come and pick it up. That’s just the kind of business they are, super helpful.

Another incident that I recall is when some friends were visiting us and they had two small children with them, they needed a car and they also needed car seats for the little ones. They thought that they will have to pay extra for the baby seats but they did not. The car seats were included free of charge.

OK, All That Is Good But What Kinds Of Cars Do Kalives Travel Provide?


I am glad you asked. Their Fleet of cars ranges from Family cars, minibusses, luxury cars, automatic and manual, Petrol and diesel. Click here to see the cars

All the cars come with a map of Crete, 24-hour road support, unlimited mileage. Free baby seats and boosters, free cancellation and many more. You will be able to find all the information about their rental terms and conditions on their official website.

Because Kalives Travel does not want you to get in trouble with the law, they have included a lot of helpful information, about things you need to keep in mind when you are driving in Crete. They have talked about things like illegal parking and the consequences of the same.

The fines of illegal parking are very high and the Police will make sure you have paid the fines before you leave the island so be very careful.

Other things you need to consider are the speed limit and of course, observe the traffic rules. Remember the roads are narrow especially when you are going through the villages so drive slowly. Let the locals overtake you, they are used to driving on these roads and they are familiar with the bends and the narrow roads. Please read my post about safety when driving in Crete Here.


As you can see Kalives Travel is the place you need to be if you need/want a stress free hire car experience in Crete. I understand that a review should include the pros and cons list. But To be honest, based on our friends and family that we have taken to Kalives Travel to hire a car, I can not find any negative thing to say.

I only have good things to say, and all our friends and family that I spoke to before writing this review say they had a pleasant experience. And that is why I did not include a pros and cons list.

Anyway, I hope you have found the information I have shared in this review helpful, if so, then please put a smile on my face by sharing this post on your social media so I can get more readers and my blog can grow 🙂

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Thank you so much for reading and please leave me a comment below, have you hired a car from Kalives Travel before? if yes how was your experience? OK, I will see you in the comment section. Thank you for your time.


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