Safe apartment Heraklion review

Safe Apartment Heraklion Full Review


As many of you know, we visited Heraklion recently, and we went to the Minoan Palace of Knossos. Today I want to talk about where we stayed. I am going to give you a Safe apartment Heraklion review.

As we were planning our trip to Heraklion, we were thinking about accessibility to the major attractions in the area, we wanted to stay near the Minoan Palace of Knossos, and we also wanted to be able to access the museums and other attractions. So when we came across the Safe apartment we knew that would be the perfect place to stay because of its location. So Let’s get into the Safe apartment Heraklion Review.

We arrived in Heraklion around 2:00 pm.

I had booked the apartment through, and we paid 45 euros a day($52.88) the management of the property informed us where to collect the key from, and we were able to get in the apartment although the door had a bit of a problem, you have to pull it as you are turning the key. A neighbor helped us to open the door.


When we got in, we found our breakfast in the fridge, there was a box of juice, milk, coffee and toast, butter, cheese, and jam.

Safe Apartment Heraklion, The Unit We Stayed In Is Quite Small

The kitchen

The apartment is your typical small city studio apartment, suitable for two people. We stayed at apartment A, It has a small but fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, a cooker that has an oven, and of course a fridge.

There is a sitting area. That consists of a large sofa, a coffee table, and a Television set. The sleeping area can be secluded by a sliding divider(no separate bedroom). The sleeping area is equipped with a queen-size bed and a good size closet.

One thing I found to be super small is the shower cabinet. I am 5ft6  in height and I am just medium built and yet I had a hard time taking my shower. I was fighting the shampoo bottle and the body wash bottle because they kept falling, and there was no room to turn so I can pick them up.

Proper Bottle Holders Would Have Made Showers Easier For Us

The bathroom

I also think the shower cabinet can use a proper shampoo, and shower gel holder. Another thing I want to mention is that the kitchen tap is not marked correctly, the side that says hot water, it’s actually cold water and vice versa.

On the outside of the apartment, there is a small balcony, with a small table and two chairs. The balcony is overlooking the street.

Safe Apartment is located just 3 km from Heraklion’s city center, it’s on Emanouil Manolopoulou street, just 2 km from the Minoan Palace of Knossos. There are supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes just 200 meters from Safe Apartment, so you have easy access to most things.

Safe Apartment Heraklion Review, Pros

It’s close to most things, including Knossos and the city center

There is WiFi

Air condition

The kitchen is functional and equipped with the required appliances

The distance between the apartment and the airport is roughly 5 km

The Not So Good, Cons

The bathroom is super small, especially the shower cabinet

could use proper bottle holders in the shower cabinet

No one to let you into the apartment, and have to figure out how things work on your own.

There is no bedroom, it’s just the same area as the sitting area, just divided by a sliding shutter like divider.

Verdict, Do We Recommend Safe Apartment Heraklion?

The sleeping area

Safe Apartment especially the unit we stayed in which was unit A, is suitable for a short stay in Heraklion, and I think it’s sufficient for two people. So yes I would recommend it for a short stay and for only two people preferably young people.

That being said, it can fit a couple with a young child but I think that would be a squeeze.


If you are planning a short stay in Heraklion, then you might consider staying at Safe apartment, you will be close to most attractions in that area including the museums, and Knossos. You are also able to walk to the supermarkets and do your little shopping.

Food preparation is possible for when you are not in the mood for going out. The taxi prices from Safe apartment to the city center are reasonable, so maybe you don’t need to drive your car into the city center.

Actually driving into the center will cost you more than taking a taxi, we paid 7 euros to go to the city center, from the apartment.

I hope you have found this review helpful, if so please leave me a comment below. Have you ever heard of the Safe apartment in Heraklion before? Have you stayed there, and if so how was your experience? please share below in the comment section, I will be there reading and replying to your comments.

Thank you for your time.


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