Skyscanner Review The Good And The Bad

Today I would like us to look at flight deals, and where to find them In this Skyscanner review, I am going to share my experience with the company and I will also share views of my friends who have been using Skyscanner for many years. Let’s get started.

I was first introduced to this website by a friend when I was trying to find a nice deal for a flight to Kenya. I tried Kayak,, and others and I could not find a good deal, the flights were all expensive and the ones that had a reasonable price had many stops, and waiting time of like 6 hours at airports.

That is when a friend of mine asked me if I have tried searching on Skyscanner and I said I have never used them before. She told me they are very good and she had been using them for years. Well, I went on their website and I was able to find a Flight by Qatar Airways, which was reasonable in price. Plus I only had two stops, with a waiting time of about 3 hours.

My first time using them went very well and my husband and I have used them a lot since then. Their customer service is excellent.


They Helped Us Get Our Refund After Canceling Our Flight


I remember when we booked a flight to Copenhagen and we had to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances. We contacted both Skyscanner and the airline to inform them about our canceled flight and to request our refund for the flight. The issue was sorted out smoothly and Skyscanner followed through until the refund was complete.

Let’s get into the review and learn a little about this company. Let’s find out who owns them and when they started. And what they do.

Skyscanner Review, Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Name- Skyscanner

Official Website-

Year Launched- 2002, but the main office was opened in 2004 Group

Business type- Travel search engine used to find flights, hotels, and car rentals

Skyscanner was founded by Gareth Williams, Barry Smith, and Bonamy Grimes. The idea came about after Gareth got frustrated by an inability to find flight deals to ski resorts and that is when he and his friends decided to launch a website where people can search and find great flight deals.

That was back in 2002 after the site was developed and released, in 2003 they hired a web technician to maintain the website. By 2004 they opened their Edinburgh office. Since then, they have opened offices in Singapore, Beijing, Miami, and they have acquired other travel search engines like Youbibi the China-based travel search engine.

In 2016 Skyscanner was bought by a China-based company called Group for $1.75 billion, and in 2019 they announced their plans for global rebranding. Skyscanner won the award for the best travel app in 2018, which was awarded to them by Tripzilla Online Travel Magazine.

Info courtesy of Wikipedia

Skyscanner App


The app is designed to help you book your trip with ease, it will help you find the best flight deals, hotels, and even car rentals. It will alert you when the best deal is available. The app garnered 4.5 stars and it has over 70 million downloads. It’s available in both iTunes and GooglePlay.

By downloading the app, you will make your booking easier, and it will help you find the best deals especially if you are a frequent traveler. And it will give you price comparison so you can grab the best deal.

Although most travelers who have downloaded the app seem to be happy with it, nothing is perfect and you can’t please everyone so there are some users of the app who have complained that the app could use more features. The app is constantly updated so I guess they will add more features in time.

But in my opinion, the app works just fine and it makes searching for flights and hotels easier.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Good (Pros)

Very easy to find good, and cheap flight deals

Customer service is good

Website and app are easy to navigate

They follow up on complaints until the issue is resolved

They answer negative reviews and offer further assistance

They have many partners making it easy to travel to any destination around the world.

The Not So Good (Cons)

Many customers have complained about prices being advertised but as soon as you click you find that particular flight is no longer available or the prices have gone up.

Also, there are customers who complain about the total price been written in small letters, but the per person is written in big letters which can be misleading as you might think the per person price is the final price.

There other complaints from customers, and although they are not directly linked to Skyscanner. But the airline that the customers booked to travel by, they still blame Skyscanner for bad service by the airlines or the ticket sellers.

To be honest, most of the negative reviews I read, were people complaining about the airlines.

Myself, I really haven’t had any bad experience with either Skyscanner or the airlines that I have used so far, so personally I have nothing to complain about.

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Most People Don’t Understand What Skyscanner Is

The people who use Skyscanner, I think most of them don’t fully understand what it is and the kind of services they offer. Skyscanner is a travel search engine, which means they will find you the best deals for your travels, and then they will transfer you to the airline, or travel agent.

Now if you encounter problems with the airlines or the travel agent, that does not mean that Skyscanner did not provide you with the service, they found you a cheap flight, and maybe you booked the flight, then decided to cancel, or you encountered other problems. Although Skyscanner will intervene when you contact them and try to resolve the issue by contacting the airline on your behalf, its not their fault that you are having problems with the airline really.

Some Of The Negative Reviews Are Not About Skyscanner At All


And I find it very strange that the reviews I read about Skyscanner, they would read something like this, “Skyscanner is rubbish” then when I read further I find the complaining has nothing to do with Skyscanner but its actually about the airline. Maybe they did not have the right luggage allowance or they did not get the sits they wanted.

I don’t see how that makes Skyscanner the culprit.

That being said, I sure hope that Skyscanner is watching those airlines that have the most complaints, and perhaps they need to analyze the airlines and if they are not offering good services to the clients, then they should cease partnering with them. Of course, that is just my opinion on the matter.

I think the customer’s well-being and satisfaction should be a priority.


I think Skyscanner is the best place to find the best travel deals, and I think you would save lots of money by using them, to book your vacation or your business travels. And if you get the app you will be notified as soon as there is a nice deal. All my friends who use Skyscanner have not complained and they say they are very happy with the website, and the ones who have downloaded the app are happy with it as well.

Obviously there is always room for improvement, but I think this company offers great services to travelers.

Well, now it’s your turn to share your opinions. Have you used Skyscanner before? if so were you happy with them? please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time.


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