travel accessories for international travel

Travel Accessories For International Travel


OK so today we are going to look at somethings you might need for your travel when you are traveling internationally, it usually means you are taking long flights so we are going to look at some accessories that will ensure your comfort, so let’s look at travel accessories for international travel.

Travel Comfort

The first thing you need is a good pillow to support your neck as you take a nap in the plane, in  some flights you will be given a pillow but if you have your own for your neck, you can use the one they provide to support your back

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

One of the challenges of taking a long flight or a train ride that takes many hours is that you might fall asleep and if your neck is not well supported, you could have very severe pain that will make you have a miserable day at your destination, and the best way to combat this problem, is to get a nice travel pillow


The Twist Memory Form travel pillow is a pillow that can be shaped into whatever you want, whether you want to use it on your neck, back, chin, you can use it any way you like to ensure a comfortable journey and to ensure that you will reach your destination without any neck pains.

Sleepy Ride Airplane Foot Rest

This footrest will prevent your feet from swelling by giving you support which will also ease the strain on your back, the padding on the footrest, makes it feel like you are resting your feet on a pillow, by placing it on the arms of the trey in the plane, you can either use your footrest with the trey up or down and you can adjust the straps to the perfect length for your comfort.

Your footrest will not take up too much space in your hand luggage, yet it will give you the comfort you need to make your long flight bearable, the last thing you need is to arrive at your destination with backache and swollen feet where even your shoes don’t fit. The footrest makes a big difference by giving just those inches where you are able to raise your feet.

And those few inches will help prevent the swelling, because if you are in a 7 or 10 hour flight, even if you try to get up and move around, you will not be able to move around enough, plus there will be a time where maybe you will fall asleep which means your feet could be on the floor for a long time, which causes the swelling.

Sleep Eye Mask For Men And Women

Unlike flat eye masks where the eyes are pressed by the mask, this eye mask provides your eyes with the room they need which gives you comfort as you are trying to catch an eye shut during your long flight. You will also notice that the package will include earplugs so you can also block out the noise and hopefully have a restful nap and be refreshed when you reach your destination.

The eye musk fits all sizes because you can adjust to fit you nicely and the space that you get between the mask and the eyes makes it easy to blink, if you have to but let’s just hope that once you put on the mask you will sleep like a baby 🙂

I do have to admit that I am one of those people who, no matter what I do I can not fall asleep in the plane, I do close my eyes just to rest them and put on a sleeping mask and pretend I am sleeping, but to be honest I am not asleep at all, I guess its also a nice way to ignore the annoying passenger sited next to you lol 🙂

Noise cancelation Headphones

With 7 colors to chose from these noise cancelation headphones will ensure that your hearing is protected during flight. they are wireless and you can use them anywhere you like, the soft cushioning for the ears makes them comfortable to wear, and you can easily either enjoy your music or just enjoy the quietness.

With a battery that can last up to 30 hours, you will have nothing to worry about as you enjoy listening to your favorite music in the long flight or train ride. So if you are looking for a pair of high-quality headphones, then this pair could be what you are looking for, and as I mentioned, you can choose between, black, blue, pink, white, purple, red and white.

Travell Essentials And Must-haves

Travel bottles Containers

One of the challenges travelers face is how to take the liquids with you without them splashing all over your clothes in the suitcase, I know I have had a few incidents where my clothes were very moisturized with my creams and lotions 🙂  And the first thing I had to sort out when I got to my destination was to get my clothes washed, all of them.

These food-grade silicone containers are ideal for shampoos and conditioners, lotions and other liquids and you can even use them for carrying things like sauces for a picnic, you can carry your salad dressing, mayonnaise, gravy and things like that.

7 Piece Travel Organizer

Travel organizers are very helpful in keeping things tidy and under control, with this set you will get  4 packing cubes that will help you separate your clothes and make it easy for you to arrange your suitcase in a nice and neat manner. You will also get one shoe bag, which will prove helpful rather than just throwing your shoes in the suitcase.

This bag can also be useful when you are returning home, you can use it to carry the dirty shoes. In the set you will also find one regular toiletries bag, and you will also get another bag which is TSA approved toiletry bag which you can use at the airport.

The toiletry bags are clear in color but all the rest you have a choice of 6 colors which include black, blue, pink, grey, wine red and purple. I think this is a very important travel accessory, which will make things easier when it comes to packing.

Castries Universal Travel Adapter

Well, if you are one of those people who have a mini heart attack when the phone batties dies, then this garget is your friend. This adapter will allow you to charge your devices no matter which country you are traveling to. I think this is a very handy gadget especially for those people who are traveling a lot and going to different countries in the world.

These days people are working online, and it’s vital that your devices stay charged at all times because you cannot afford to lose your clients when traveling, and besides most people who work online are always traveling. I mean where is the fun of working online if you don’t get to travel the world right?

This adapter will make your traveling stress free because you will rest assured that no matter which part of the world you find yourself in, your devices will always have power.

Travel storage bags For clothes

These bags will make it possible for you to free up space in your suitcase, we all know how handy this can be especially when you end up buying more clothes on your trip and you are trying to make sure that everything fits. In this package, you will receive 12 bags that are going to help you fit all your stuff in the suitcase.

You don’t need a pump or anything like that. You just have to simply put the clothes in the bag and just roll them up, that’s it, and then lock the bag, and this way you will be able to fit many clothes in the suitcase.

I remember there was one time I had to sit on my suitcase so it can close and then I had to say a prayer so it doesn’t explode lol 🙂 I think these bags are very helpful in making sure that you don’t leave anything behind because of lack of space.


Coolife Expandable Suitcase

Well, since we are talking about fitting things into the suitcase, here is a set of the suitcase that I think you are gonna love, you have three suitcases, a large which is 20.9×11.4×30.3 and then you have a medium which is 17.7×9.8×26.4 inches and then the small which is 15.4×8.7×22.4 inches.

You have 6 colors to choose from which are blue, black, silver, lake blue, red and grey. And they have a multi-dimension spinner wheel which will make it easy when rolling the impact-resistant built makes them strong and safe. I think this is a nice set for a family as you will be able to take everything you need.

I also think that for a frequent traveler, this set could be handy because you can use the medium size when you are not going too far and then you can use the large when you are traveling to a distant location.

Digital Luggage Scale Heavy Duty

After all is said and done, you have to make sure that you are within the weight limit so a scale will definitely be a mandatory thing to have. It’s very embarrassing when you are at the airport and then find out that you have gone over the weight limit, then you will either have to pay extra for the extra weight, or leave some of your stuff behind.

In order for you to avoid the stress of this kind of thing, I suggest you weigh everything before heading to the airport, that way, you can have a smooth trip. Well, this scale can weigh up to 50kg ( about 110lb) so you are covered for sure.


I hope you have enjoyed my list and I hope you will have safe and easy travels, I would love to hear your thoughts, so please drop me a line or two, or many 🙂 thank you so much for your time.

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